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Our family's legacy in the chemical industry stretches back almost a century and is grounded in the service-oriented philosophy of "Creed for Service, Bridge to Growth." Since 1989, Suffolk Sales and Service Corporation has provided a variety of services to fulfill our mission to help our customers thrive through the distribution of industrial chemicals, development of customized solutions for their needs, and delivery of unparalleled customer service.

Distribution and Transportation

With access to a dedicated and reliable tank car and tank truck fleet, our team can securely transport industrial chemicals from New York to Florida and beyond.


Our team has successfully worked with customers to transform byproducts into new revenue streams. We can help you grow too! Contact our sales team to explore how we can turn your byproduct streams into new profit centers for your company.

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Custom Solutions

For almost a century, our family businesses have developed a wide array of innovative and creative solutions for many customers. With nearly 300 years of combined experience, our sales and support team can work with you to identify and design custom solutions tailored to your unique needs.

Need a Quote?

Our dedicated team of experts is here for you. We can help you find exactly what you're looking for. Click here to get a quote and learn how we empower our customers to thrive.

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