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Suffolk Solutions, Inc.

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At its inception, Suffolk Solutions, Inc. was jointly owned by Ken Moran and Brian Arndt and imported Liquid Caustic Soda and Liquid Potassium Hydroxide. On July 31, 2020, Brenntag North America Inc. acquired the operating assets of Suffolk Solutions, Inc.'s Liquid Caustic Soda distribution business.

Suffolk Solutions, Inc. has retained the Potassium Hydroxide 45%-50% business and continues expanding our customer base into the Eastern United States.

Suffolk Solutions, Inc. continues to offer reliable and consistent delivery capabilities via bulk tank car and tank truck shipments. Customers can initiate tank car shipments utilizing our dedicated tank car fleet from Norfolk Southern and the CSX systems. Suffolk Solutions, Inc. also has contracts with multiple experienced and dependable Liquid Potassium Hydroxide transportation companies.

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Our dedicated Suffolk Sales and Service Corporation customer service team also serves Suffolk Solutions, Inc.'s customers and continues to provide outstanding service, responsiveness, and accounting functions. We understand how hard it is to earn, service, and retain your business, and we appreciate every order from our customers.

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